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Amanda Michelle


About Amanda Michelle:

-SEO & Digital Marketer- To help small business owners master content and social and digital marketing strategies, and utilizing my passion and skills of SEO and web design to help your business generate leads, gain visibility, engage customers and free up your time, so you focus on growing your business.

I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary.
- Elon Musk

A digital marketing and SEO agency you can count on. Offering small businesses an affordable, and genuine way to gain more leads. We also offer other services listed that you can read more about, here.

As you can tell my favorite color is pink. However, I believe It represents tranquility in a lighter shade, positivity in its brighter hues. To me it represents pink roses and peonies that bloom to life every spring. There is something alluring about the shade of pink to me, and thus I use it in my branding.

When it comes to design I love the allure of modern trends but, I still find the beauty in classical tastes. I love to paint, draw and create. I enjoy "coding" and solving the puzzles that tend to arise. I enjoy the design world of the front end of website development and the complexity of the backend adventures. The world of SEO fascinates me and I will often share random facts about it. I believe although today's modern society is great, we should still maintain some "old fashion" tactics. Such as face to face interaction, and going the extra mile.