5 Graphic Design Tips You Can Use For Your Small Business Today!

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So, you got your business cards in the mail or your website is up and running- now what? Well, you won’t just get views pouring in, well I guess you could if you had already tons of followers but, if not then that is why I am here to help you! See, even though we may get a lot of instant gratification these days via just about any form of technology, it doesn’t always equate to quality. I am not saying to not use the free websites out there to help elevate your business, but if you want even more of a non-cookie cutter style and authoritative business, then follow these 5 tips!

I. Clear Objective- 

Be clear about your design’s objective. Do you want to create a website, social media graphic, a flyer for new customers, an email template or even making a business card? Whichever you are trying to create for your company, do it with intention and be clear about what are your goals to accomplish with that design project. You want to ensure that if you are designing an awesomely rad poster to advertise something it needs to be appealing. 

II. Brand Color(s)- 

So, imagine owning a hospital and you are rebranding your
logo. You would choose gray and black for the colors, now would you? People will associate the dark morose colors with dreariness and death. Just like green and blue represents health, vitality and life. Color plays an important part in psychology in your designs. Be sure to remember this when coming up with ideas for your logo, website, or social media postings. Unintentionally, you could be driving customers away with your color scheme. 

III. Fonts- 

Comic Sans anyone? NO, just no, don’t do it! If you already are using it then please pick something else. Font plays a HUGE role in designs. It can do just about anything for you!. The right font will create a hierarchy to your pages, create cohesiveness across your platforms and not to mention the emotional response it can cultivate. Choose a script font and you think of whimsical, love and handwriting, playful. If you choose a Serif, bold font you are going to command presence and confidence in your ability to make a statement. 

IV. White Space- 

In the design world, this is also called negative space. It doesn’t mean that it’s evil and should be avoided, it’s actually the opposite! The negative/white space is the area(s) around your design, photo, font, or logo. It can be used to create more of an eye-catching piece or help with visually leading the customer’s eyes to your main idea. The saying less is more is true in this case, if you clutter your project you will lose the customer’s focus and they could be confused about what the message is. Is it “50% off your next service” or is it to sign up for emails. If both statements are fighting for space, you’re missing out on an opportunity to showcase which is more important. 

V. Creativity 

Finally, just be creative. Let yourself be inspired by what motivates you. Is it a completed home project, happy salon client, or satisfied restaurant customer? Use these goals to help set clear expectations on what your business is trying to accomplish. From there you can create a list of adjectives, colors, and images you think of when you envision your clientele. Could it be a funky set of colors for a taco truck you own? Could it be soft pastel jungle animals to catapult your baby clothing brand? 

Thanks, for letting me help you today, and hopefully this will get you going in the right direction, if you are still stuck on what shade of blue to choose for your business card or don’t know where to begin with social media, or perhaps you don’t have the time to create a website alone, I would love to hear from you! Reach out to me and see how I can help you out!